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Every Great Accomplishment Starts With The Decision To Try

**UPDATE #2**

We would like to officially announce to all of our current and future clients that we will be welcoming our first child into the world on or around November 7th 2016 and we could not be happier! We think of all of you as close family and friends and we are thrilled to be able to share this wonderful moment with you. The future star’s name will be Gage Kelly and we look forward to all of you meeting him!

**UPDATE #1**

Well ladies and gentlemen it is finally official….WE’RE MARRIED!! After close to 6 years of dating I decided to make every guy in the world jealous by taking the beautiful, now Mrs. Tiffany Kelly, off the market forever! We were married in an absolutely gorgeous setting at the famous Don Cesar Beach Resort in St Petersburg Florida and were surrounded by our loving family and friends for what was truly one of the best days of my life! I love you Tiffany Kelly, and look forward to everything that the future holds for us!

(end updates)

I’m a Florida Boy in the truest sense of the word. I have sun in my heart and sand in my shoes. I’ve always had a special connection with the ocean and with the people who live by it. Through high school and college, whatever job I had, I always found time to break away for surf and travel.

That’s not to say I didn’t work hard for the good life. Early on in my career I realized that if I wanted to achieve positive results, I had to work hard to accomplish my goals. So I pursued my professional passion – sales and entrepreneurism  – and I worked in investor relations industry for the stock market for over 15 years. I’ve managed firms, opened new locations, trained teams of representatives and sales floors, even owned my own firm and I’m proud to say that I achieved a track record of success at virtually every place I’ve worked. Yet all those awards and urban high life weren’t a substitute for the sun and water. In 2011 my brother and his wife moved to Ecuador and I began to make trips to visit them.

One visit and I understood why they moved. The ocean, the climate and the wonderful culture were exactly what I had been dreaming of. So when my brother called and told me about an investment property he heard about I jumped at the opportunity. Over the next year, myself and my two business partners bought and sold two more large properties. It was then that the “light bulb” really went off, I saw the true potential of the country’s West coast and the decision was made to live here full time. Happily for me, my longtime partner and new Fiance (and now wife) Tiffany was equally enthusiastic, so we started our new adventure and relocated together.

It wasn’t long before we became well versed with Ecuador’s real estate market, especially the area around Manta where we now live. All along this coast we’ve made local friends and key business/political connections as we’ve progressed to be the premiere agency in town . We’ve learned where, how and when to rent, lease, buy or sell a wide variety of real estate from condos and homes to raw land. If it’s on beach, we know how to help you!

Today, we are the absolute #1 top producing and most recommended expat real estate company in the greater Manta area. I work as hard as I ever did, but I love it that much more! Instead of an intense rush hour drive to work downtown, before breakfast I sneak in an hour of surfing on the beach behind our condo. Instead of the high pressure sales of the stock market, I help people find their dream locations to live and invest on the coast. And instead of wondering why the world can’t get along, I enjoy international cultural diversity everyday!

My Commitment To You

If you are interested in living or investing along the West Coast of Ecuador, it would be my privilege to provide you with honest, dependable, experienced real estate service.

I am committed to helping you realize your dream by showing you options, acquainting you with the culture, and making sure you have a secure, positive business experience.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan

I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan sometime ago and we are now doing business together in Ecuador. I have found him to be extremely dependable, easily contactable and honest. He is very knowledgeable in his field and his team is very solid too. Whenever I have had questions he has been very forthcoming with the answers. I look forward to conducting business with him for many years to come.

Jonathan T.

I am Extremely Happy

Making investments overseas can be high risk if you don’t have an experienced guide. Lucky for me, a friend recommended Ryan, and each real estate transaction I’ve had has been smooth and profitable. I’ve now completed multiple purchases and each one has turned out great. I am extremely happy with our returns and I have many more investments on the drawing board.

Brian E.
Denver Colorado

Ryan’s Been Great to Work With

I’ve known Ryan for several years now and when he first told me about the great ROI of investing in Ecuadoran real estate, I admit I was a bit skeptical. But, three deals later - I am very pleased with how things have worked out. Ryan’s been great to work with. I’m so thankful, I have him working on our 4th investm

Ben N.
Orlando Florida

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